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    Age:14 (My birthday is in 18 days..)

    Timezone & Region: Central Time Zone

    Do you meet all our requirements? (Yes or No): Yes, Except for age but I feel like I am mature enough to be a staff member.

    How much time can you spend daily on GW?: Mon,Tues,Wends,Thurs,All around 3-4 hours On Weekends 5-7 Hours unless I have something to do or other situations.

    Why should you be staff?: I think I should be staff because I’m good at solving situations and working with people. I can control my temper and I can stay on task while working with people. Another reason I feel like you should accept me Is I have a lot of experience with factions and have been playing for around 5 years on different servers and about 3 of those years were on getwrecked. I also can offer adequate help to people and would like to show I am mature enough to work with a variety of situations.

    My next reason Is I will not argue. At the end of the day if the person would like to argue with me I will respond with a statement that has factual information and that can help them understand what my opinion Is depending on the situation. Although they might not agree I will not get mad/upset and will continue to help them or if they will not listen and are not accepting my help I will get another staff member or leave the situation and ask for help from another staff and return with the other staff member to try and resolve the situation quickly but thoroughly

    My last reason will be I feel like I am a pretty likable and friendly person. Although some people will disagree that is ok because I understand everyone has an opinion. I feel like I am friendly IRL and online. I am not shy and will be able to talk to people with little to no problem. That is what I think I can do for get wrecked and I feel like if i get accepted there will be more opportunities in ways i can help. I also think i am a pretty happy person so maybe some people would like to be around me or talk to me if they have a problem.

    What can you offer to GW?: I can offer many things to get wrecked such as being able to catch cheaters and even checking out suspected cheaters if needed. Being able to help people learn the rules and helping them with commands. Another thing is I would also be learning new things as I go along too. I would also be able to help Other helper,mods,Or even admins if needed.

    Previous staff experiences: I haven’t had much past experience with staff but I know all the commands I will be needing and I know a lot about Cheaters and there hacks. I understand that not having a lot of experience being staff is not a very appealing thing for you to know but It would be a great learning experience for me to be staff and I guarantee I could help the server. also everyone has to start somewhere right?

    Anything else we should know about you?: I love to play the get wrecked server and I would love to be in the medical field when I am older because i like to help people. :)
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    Although you lack in experience and age, I feel that your application was well thought out and well executed. You may need brushing up on new policies, commands and other things that have changed with the opening of the newest map. You have my vote for helper, I hope if you are selected you will honor things you've said in your application. Thanks!

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    very well written for your age! you seem mature and willing to be the best you can be. i like your enthusiasm and confidence in your abilities. i think you could fix a few things in your application; its a bit too long in my opinion. just relay us your response with good word choice and make it noticeable. dont run on too much, as you may believe the more you write, the better it is. the age difference can be a huge problem unfortunately with maturity and behavior, but you say you have the aspects to be at the mature level to be a staff member, so i think a chance could be given. also, let us know more about you! more adjectives and characteristics are supplementary. good luck!
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    Knows how to capitalize the first letter of every sentence unlike @zqoa.
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