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    Timezone & Region:
    GMT UK

    Do you meet all our requirements? (Yes or No):


    How much time can you spend daily on GW?:
    Monday to Thursday I can spend approximately 4 a day, Fridays I can spend about 7+ hours and on weekends I can spend all day.

    Why should you be staff?:
    You should pick me as staff for several reasons. The first being, I have a decent knowledge of factions and I feel that I can help players with most problems. Secondly, I have had a decent experience with different staff positions, these range from helper all the way to staff manager/manager. Also, I am very good at working on my own as well as with others. Also, I am not biast on my opinion, so if a friend is hacking I will not turn a blind eye to it I will take the appropriate action upon the situation

    What can you offer to GW?:

    I have a decent knowledge of factions so I can help players in most aspects of the game, from commands to help them with ways to get started. I have played factions on and off since 2011 so I have played many different types of factions, from pvp based factions to cannon/spawner factions. I can also offer a decent ability to spot hackers from playing a lot of kit pvp. I feel that I can also offer a strict but fair verdict on hackers etc.

    Previous staff experiences:
    My first staff position was a helper on trollz. I was staff on trollz for about 4 months. During my time as staff, I tried to catch hackers and stop spammers etc.

    My second staff position was a mod/helper on a prison server. I was staff on Arkan-prison for about three months altogether. I started off as mod straight away. However, after about two months the server owner change ranks around I became a helper. After a month of been a helper, the owner sold his server to a bigger server, and I got demoted. I could have reapplied. However, they didn't give me the IP so I couldn't play.

    My third staff position was a manager on a friends server. I was a manager on medievalraids for about five months. During the time that I was staff on there, I helped do the permissions for the ranks, as well as that I created the regions for spawn and the rest of the server. Alongside that I assisted with the staff, accepting and denying applications and helped the helpers with getting used to the server in conjunction with that I contributed to deciding if they should be promoted or kept the same or demoted. Also, I talked with the staff and asked if any ideas could be implemented to make the server a better place for all. Unfortunately, the server closed due to a lack of donations.

    My forth staff position was a moderator a minigame server. I was a moderator on there for ten months. During the time I was there, I helped keep griefers, advertisers, and hackers off the server. As well as that I towered over the helpers making sure that they were doing their job correctly and answering any questions they may have had. On top of this, I dealt with things that helpers could not deal with themselves, such as reports. Alongside other moderators and higher staff, we managed the forums accepting and denying player reports. I also helped the community with their problems and questions they had. I also aided in the community with suggestions for new games and new ideas on how to improve the server, and with any questions they had.

    Anything else we should know about you?:
    The time I can spend on GW will depend on how I am feeling after work.

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