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    Before we release, @Fatheum and I would like to do GetWrecked's first giveaways!

    These giveaways will involve our discord, and inviting other friends to it.

    How will it work?

    First, you'll create your own invite link; you can do this by being apart of our discord, find the "GetWrecked" drop down menu in the Discord application, and clicking "Invite People".

    Second, copy your invite.

    Third, invite your friends to our discord by sending them the invite link you created, and have them join by clicking the link.


    By inviting your friends and by them joining, you will receive rewards!

    15 uses will get you one of our new, fun features called Disco Armor.
    Disco Armor is a command you'll gain access to, and when you have a set of leather armor on and type /disco, it will begin to change colors.

    30 uses will get you the rank "Knight" on our server.

    50+ uses will get you the rank "Warrior" on our server


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