GetWrecked's Official Server Rules

Tier 1 Violations

Spam - Filling up chat with unnecessary messages/characters.
  • First Offense - 5 minute mute
  • Second Offense - 30 minute mute
  • Third Offense - 1 hour mute
Promoting Spam - Trying to encourage players to spam chat.
  • First Offense - 30 minute mute
  • Second Offense - 3 hour mute
  • Third Offense - 1 day mute
YouTube/Twitch Advertising - Only punishable if content is non-GetWrecked related.
  • First Offense - Verbal Warning
  • Second Offense - 1 hour mute
  • Third Offense - 6 hour mute
Linking Screamers/Explicit Content - Pretty self-explanatory, don’t do it.
  • First Offense - 30 minute mute
  • Second Offense - 1 hour mute
  • Third Offense - 3 hour mute

Tier 2 Violations

Racism - Using racial slurs/derogatory terms in anyway.
  • First Offense - 3 hour mute
  • Second Offense - 12 hour mute
  • Third Offense - 1 day mute
Excessive Vulgarity - Using an unnecessary amount of profanity in a sentence.
  • First Offense - 1 hour mute
  • Second Offense - 3 hour mute
  • Third Offense - 12 hour mute
Selling Accounts - We prohibit players from selling any kind of accounts on our server.
  • First Offense - 1 hour mute
  • Second Offense - 1 day mute
  • Third Offense - 1 week mute
  • Fourth Offense - permanent mute

Tier 3 Violations

Abusing Exploits/Bugs - Abusing a bug that won’t affect the economy, but will affect PvP/Factions.
  • First Offense - 3 day ban
  • Second Offense - 1 week ban
  • Third Offense - 2 week ban
  • Fourth Offense - 1 month ban
Misleading a Staff Member - Purposely causing a staff member to come to an incorrect conclusion because of misleading information.
  • First Offense - 2 day ban
  • Future Offenses - 1 week ban
DDoS/Swat/Doxing Threats - Again, very self-explanatory. Don’t do it.
  • First Offense - 7 day ban
  • Second Offense - 2 week ban
  • Third Offense - 1 month ban
  • Fourth Offense - permanent ban
Unnecessary Griefing - This includes cobble monsters and lava/water griefing.
  • First Offense - 1 day ban
  • Future Offenses - 3 day ban
Illegal Traps - Portal trapping and any other traps that permanently traps a player are punishable.
  • First Offense - 1 day ban
  • Future Offenses - 3 day ban

Tier 4 Violations

Hacked Client/Ghost Client - Using a client that gives you an unfair advantage over players.
  • First Offense - permanent ban
  • Second Offense - blacklist from server
Autoclicking/Clicking Macros - Using a program or macro to give you a clicking advantage over other players.
  • First Offense - 2 week ban
  • Second Offense - permanent ban
  • Third Offense - blacklist from server
Illegal Mods/Xray - Using any kind of mod that we do not allow on the server.
  • First Offense - 2 week ban
  • Second Offense - 1 month ban
  • Third Offense - permanent ban
Insiding - Another self-explanatory rule. Don’t do it.
  • First Offense - permanent ban
  • Second Offense - blacklist from server
Doxing - Releasing a player’s personal information without their consent.
  • First Offense - permanent ban
  • Second Offense - blacklist from server
Advertising - Trying to lure players to another server by posting a server’s IP.
  • First Offense - permanent ban
  • Second Offense - blacklist from server
Scamming IRL Money - Scamming players for real life currency.
  • First Offense - permanent ban
  • Second Offense - blacklist from server
Abusing Severe Exploits/Bugs - Abusing a bug that can affect anything and everything.
  • First Offense - permanent ban
  • Second Offense - blacklist from server
Ban Evading - Using an alternate account to bypass another account’s ban.
  • First Offense - permanent ban
  • Second Offense - IP ban
  • Third Offense - blacklist from server
Mute Evading - Using an alternate account to bypass another account’s mute.
  • First Offense - 1 week mute
  • Second Offense - 1 month mute
  • Third Offense - permanent mute


1. All staff members are expected to fully enforce these rules. Do not complain about punishments if you have broken these rules.

2. Staff reserve the right to increase punishments if necessary in order to keep the peace, up to and including a permanent ban from GetWrecked.

3. If a rule is not written up here, staff may make a judgement decision and an admin will review the decision once he is notified to see if it is justified or not.
For anyone who hasn't connected to our discord yet; here is an invite link.
Important Server Update!
[+] Virtual Jackpot
- Can be used by typing /jackpot and selecting the amount you're wanting to bet.
[+] PvP Optimizations
- We want everyone to have the absolute best PvP experience on GetWrecked. In order to do that, some PvP optimizations have been made, and will be made in the future.
[+] Coinflip
- Can accessed by typing the command /cf and selecting an open coinflip. If you want to create your own coinflip, that can be done by typing /cf create <bet amount> <heads|tails>.
[+] Bar Implemented
- Our bar plugin has been implemented, though a location for it hasn't been decided.
[+] Spawn Completed
- Many of you have seen our completed spawn already. If not, you can log onto to view it!
[+] KoTH's Implemented
- Our KoTH's have been completed as well! More information regarding them will be released as we near release.
[+] Kits revamped
- Minor changes have been made to kits to make them properly fit our economy. We've also added a silk touch pickaxes to all ranks, as well as creeper eggs starting at Champion, our $75 rank. Also, punch has been removed from bows which will hopefully decrease the amount of trappers and bow boosters.​
[+] Ranks have been renamed
- In order to "refresh" the server, we decided that renaming the ranks is a must.

Apprentice/Respected → Knight
Renowned/Master → Warrior
Grandmaster → Hero
Legendary → Champion
Ultimate → Legend
Godly → Demonic
Exalted → Immortal
Elite → Divine
[+] Warzone completed
- Our warzone will be fairly pvp-friendly, and like KoTH's, more information will be given near release.
[+] GWTokens have been implemented
- GWTokens has been added and can be used to purchase in-game items using /tokenshop shop. These tokens can be obtained by either voting or winning them in crates. *More items will be added to the shop soon!*
[+] Small quests will implemented later in the map
- We plan on adding /quests to the server eventually. By doing these quests, you'll receive in-game money and items.
[+] Cannoner kit has been improved
- We felt that the current kit cannon wasn't very useful so we've made a few adjustments to it.

-256 Cobblestone
-64 Ladders
-128 Sand
-64 Glass
-64 Cobweb
-32 Ice
-64 Dispensers
-16 Pistons
-16 Sticky Pistons
-128 Redstone
-64 Redstone Repeaters
-8 Redstone Comparators
-192 TNT
[+] Server optimizations and improvements
- Some server optimizations have been made in order to keep the server running as smoothly as possible.

If you guys have any suggestions/ideas that you think would improve the server please be sure to post them in our suggestions forum or message me or @Wrecknzed
New Discord:

Within the next week, either I or @Fatheum will be making a post with some news regarding the status of the server. It will also include the changes being made, new additions, and possibly even a release date.

Be sure to try and check back every so often and keep an eye out for the post.

*EDIT* We were hoping to have pictures of the spawn, koths, and other features, but we’ve ran into some issues with the builder. Unless you guys want this post ASAP, we don’t plan on posting it until spawn is complete.


Greetings everyone! Welcome to the official announcement thread for the return of GetWrecked!

This thread will not contain every piece of information that you may want to know, but it will contain all of the information we’re currently able to provide! Expect the website to go under heavy development over the next few weeks, as we test new things, and apply changes. Before anyone asks, staff applications will be open within a week, they may not receive a response for some time, but they will go under review. Please spread the word to your friends, old players, and anyone else you want to be involved!

Who are you?

I would like to address this immediately, as I know communities are always uneasy when turning to new ownership! Hello, my name is Fatheum, I have an extensive background in the factions community, not only in management, but as a player! Just like you, I played all of the “big” servers back in the day, Gontroller, Daegonner, and even more recent servers such as Vaelox and others. Along with being a player, I have been doing behind the scenes work, and management for some of the largest servers around. I have finally decided to create something of my own, that I can dedicate my full time too! Along with the ride I have brought a few members from some of my previous teams, that I know will be able to provide extremely valuable support for me, and the community. Wrecknzed(Manager), Klassikreloadz(Admin), and Vaner(Moderator) will be joining us on the staff team immediately, and will be greatly involved in the development of the server. Yes, Smeep is still with the server, and more information in regards to his position with server will be provided later! I have every intention of being actively involved in the community, which means you can feel free to message me during the development of the server with any questions you may have, and I’ll try to respond within 24 hours!

What can I expect?

The server is still under development, and during this phase, we’re going to have a major emphasis on player feedback. We want as many suggestions, good or bad, as possible, so we can develop the server not in our interests, but the actual community interests. Yes, we already have developed a large portion of the server, but nothing is set in stone, and we’re looking to add so many more things. We want to create that original GetWrecked, and older style factions feeling, but still incorporate new features, that are not game breaking. All suggestions should be submitted on the forums, under the “Suggestion” forum! Within the coming weeks, we will be releasing a statement which will include all of the current features we have in mind, or are already developed. There is no release date for the server yet! Our goal is not to rush a release, but rather create the perfect playing environment. When we feel the server is nearing ready, we will give more information in regards to a release date, along with a trailer and other things!

Previous Donations?

I’m sure this is going to be the biggest question we have in the beginning, so I would like to knock it out of the way now. Yes, old donators will be receiving their ranks back, but there will be some constraints on the first map, and possibly the second! I placed several days of thought on the issue, not because I don’t want to return ranks, but rather how they affect the server. Due to the age of the server, so many players are donors, which means that the economy is so much more difficult to create, and not have a disadvantage for regular players. I finally concluded after consulting with many different people, the best solution is as follows. Donators will not receive any money or spawners from their kits for the first map (possibly second as well). This will allow us to create a balanced economy for both new players and donators. Donators will be receiving new cosmetic features and other small advantages, to help compensate for the loss. Donors names will be changing, but the actual pricing is going to stay the same for now, which means you will be receiving the equivalent rank! All of the ranks will also be receiving a revamp, to help them reflect what we want our economy to look like for the first map. If you have any questions in regards to your rank, feel free to send me a private message through the forums.